28 August 2009

02 July 2009

another one for vee and ess.

because it's rainy here all the time now, too.

27 March 2009

26 March 2009

songs in the key of vee and ess.

i made this for you guys lickety split. it's some songs i like all the time.

20 March 2009


i mean, just, what?

10 December 2008

what a terrible, terrible job i've been doing.

you'd think as it got darker and winter-ier, i'd be even more bloggy, but instead i've just hushed right up. here's a little something just to remind myself that i do this, and that i like to do this. it's my favorite etsy thing of the week, from yardia.

03 November 2008

it's just a really important thing.

and it's part of the reason i've been so quiet lately.